5th August 2017 | Release and Pricing Info

New release date for Over The Top! Here's just all the information we can give right now. 

  • 12th June 2017 is the release date
  • Available on itch.io and other services on Windows and Linux. 
  • It will release for $5.99 or equivalent in respective currencies
  • Soundtrack will release on itch.io and other major services, such as iTunes and Spotify for $0.99
  • Over The Top Deluxe Edition will release on Windows and Linux for $6.49 and will include the game and the soundtrack

We will also be making a separate version of Over The Top called Over The Top Arena, a free-to-play game which will only be the arena mode from the regular game. 

Info about release platforms:

  • Over The Top Standard Edition | 5.99 | Windows & Linux | itch.io and Amazon (humble store a possibility)
  • Over The Top Deluxe Edition | 6.49 | Windows & Linux | Same as standard edition
  • Over The Top OST | 0.99 | Spotify, iTunes,  Google Play (more to be confirmed) 
  • Over The Top Arena | Free | Windows, Android and Kongregate | itch.io for PC only, Google Play for Android


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EDIT: oops i put 2017 as the release date its 2018